Our privacy policy means that your data is your business.

After over 25 years in digital marketing ops and integrations, I know from both a consumer and insider perspective that your data ends up everywhere, and is sold for profit usually without your knowledge, or consent. In part #GDPR was created to stem the flow of what has become an unnecessarily invasive and obnoxious practice of tracking, storing and selling every detail of our lives that people can manage to monetise.  This is also why you will never find me, my art, or my branding,

on sites like Facebook, which I perceive to be especially problematic; Facebook cookies are the glue on your shoe of the internet. (Browser tools such as Facebook Container can help you combat them.)


The gallery buy links on my site pass through to external websites providing Cardano minting or other services which, in some cases, may be hosted in the USA or other regions. However, to my knowledge, these sites do not capture or make use of personally identifying information, nor do I.   My website is hosted on the Wix.com platform, and thus your data regarding page visit behaviour may be stored through Wix.com’s data storage, databases and the general Wix.com applications which is stored on secure and firewalled servers.  For more detailed information on the cookies Wix provides, please read here.