Other Fractals: Limited Runs/"One-Offs"/Gifted

This page represents fractals that were created as new renders from both old or new params, but are limited to single gifted mints, and/or limited edition runs.  Some use collaborative CNFT elements (always with the owner's permission, because that matters).  


Some, as shown, have mints still available for sale; please check individual thumbnails for status.

You can also find more fractals of mine for sale here, from the "Vault" series, rendered before Cardano existed.




the machine was singing 2022 THUMB.png

Limited Edition (5 Minted) Fractal; one gifted to @SaL_Art_CNFT.

hydra remix for infinity.PNG

Fractal + Unsigned Algo Remix

for @infinity_vis

Only 1 minted.

cold crown_edited.jpg

Fractal + Unsigned Algo Remix

for @Cinnamon__Bunnn

Only 1 minted.

amg thumb.PNG

New render, old params, and an inside joke for @6u2m4n

Only 1 minted.

Minted: Varies, see item details.
Availabilty:  Varies, see item details.
Policy Locks: Varies, see item on-chain.


Click on a thumbnail to open the fractal

to view onchain via pool.pm.  If the fractal is able to be purchased, you can do so via the blue "Buy" button.


If ever in doubt about policy ID or authenticity of my work, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.

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