In-Game Items and Music for Mini Ninja Heroes

This page is still partially in progress as the game itself is in progress. Mini Ninja Heroes is a Catalyst-funded mobile game where Cardano NFTs from your favourite collections clash in a battle for glory. The Eternal Tournament is a strategy game, but it's also a psychological thriller, where you "troll your opponent to win". 

Their team reached out to me to ask if I'd like to create the soundtrack, and I jumped at the opportunity.

Not long after, they also asked if I could work with them as an artist, creating in-game weapons and artifacts

that will eventually serve as assignable buffs for use in battles. I am grateful for their opportunity, and also

that they have given me almost complete creative freedom.  Read more about them at



More information to come soon; meanwhile check out some of the weapons in my promo video as well as hear snippets from some of the soundtrack!


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