Heroes, Re-imagined 3: "Marie, The Undaunted"

My "Heroes" series is dedicated to historical icons of art and science, but through a slightly fantastical lens: "RPG characters, but painted centuries ago".   They are painted at 5000x7000 pixels on iPad mini, and afterwards,

a frame and nameplate are added in Gimp.  Marie Curie is the third in the series.


I chose to portray her as a valiant but doomed dancer in this CNFT, which includes the painting, original music, and a PDF.  As a heroine of science, dual winner of the Nobel Prize, and a symbol of the power of education for women at a time when it barely existed, Marie was exceptional.  Her commitment to her research was met with a fascination for the delicate glow of the materials for whose discovery she can be credited - radium, and polonium - which she described as being like "...faint, fairy lights".  


Such was their appeal, that Marie would sleep with them by her bed, and carry them in her coat pockets during the day.  Such was their danger, that -  even to this day - her lab and possessions are radioactive. 


It is this duality that I tried to capture: the petite and determined figure, unwavering in her focus, while dancing barefoot, unaware of the shattering glass beneath her feet.  With her music, celeste tones represent the "fairy lights", alongside unsettling ambient noise representing a Geiger counter: the warning that she could not hear.



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