Heroes, Re-imagined 2: "Ludwig, The Defiant"

My "Heroes" series is dedicated to historical icons of art and science, but through a slightly fantastical lens: "RPG characters, but painted centuries ago".   The portraits are painted at 5000x7000 pixels on iPad mini, and afterwards, a frame and nameplate are added in Gimp.

Beethoven as "The Original Rebel", the warrior musician, is second in my series. This CNFT is comprised of a painting, original music, and PDF.  I've had a lifelong crush on this fiery, resilient, and determined man; he is

my "battle angel". Despite the abuse he endured as a child, and the deep frustration he felt at the loss of his hearing and ability to communicate, he never wavered in his beliefs: the dignity of the common man, fairness, equality, and the sacred nature of art and the creative process. 

It is my humble aim to ensure through blockchain that Ludwig, the man - my personal hero -  is never forgotten.

Hear the track in .wav format, here:

Beethoven reaper heart pic.PNG
Ludwig-The-Defiant-RARE THUMB.png

Minting: 3 minted, 2 to sell.
Available: SOLD OUT.

Non-Rare versions may still be available, check here.


Each CNFT is comprised of the art, original music track, and 12-page PDF detailing anecdotes, quotes from those who knew him, and images.

"Moonlight Cloak" is the only rare variation on "Ludwig, The Defiant".

In the rare variation, Ludwig is wearing

a cloak of stars, with the moon nestled in the folds of the fabric by his feet.

The frame and background are also

recoloured to complement the

blues of the cloak.

Once sold, no further will be minted.

If you find my artwork for sale elsewhere, and it is not marked as verified, please

check with me to confirm policy ID

before buying!

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