Liberty Scorned

Part of what drew me to Cardano to begin with was how the idea of a global community could inspire and empower people to help others around the world, regardless of their respective locations. In my case, moved by recent events regarding Roe v. Wade in the USA, and further by women protesting in solidarity in France (the country which gifted the Statue of Liberty to America), I painted "Liberty Scorned" as a statement of protest - an angry, betrayed Liberty stands with a hood and red robe, bearing a black eye, her burning gaze aimed at the viewer.  The black eye carries two meanings: one, of the impact on individual liberties this misguided and cruel ruling has wrought, and two, the literal risk to women's lives such rulings stand to exacerbate. 


Not all in our community will be comfortable with such a message, but art is not meant to always provide comfort.  Accordingly, I reached out to the June Jordan Trust to ask permission to use the text of the poem, "Poem About My Rights", for its ability to convey, so effectively, the visceral pain, anguish and frustration of a woman denied her agency in the face of illogical and regressive cruelty.

Women historically have suffered on all fronts when they are not granted full bodily autonomy, and the effects of such terrible decisions have broader impact - on entire families, on incomes, on education, on the lives and futures of all impacted by them.   Such decisions are not based on science, nor rationality, nor compassion and have no place in a modern world.



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50% of the proceeds for this sale were donated to NARAL, a non-profit 501(c)(4) charity in America. Proof was provided to the buyer.


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