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Digital Painter/Musician On The Cardano Blockchain


Art can be found everywhere, every day. It's not just a "something".  It's also found in the inspiration, the creation, the experience for both the artist as well as those experiencing it.

Art doesn't need an audience, because it happens between you and the universe.

Anything more is a gift.

Like too many of us, I lived much of my life doing what I knew wasn't meant to do. Grateful now for the opportunity, I'm trying to change that while I still can - to create, compose, and improve - because life is too short to live like a ghost inside your own skin.

At this top of this page, you can find links to my current gallery and socials.

Cardano SPO directory of pools I've come to know, and other resources coming soon. 

Thank you for stopping by.

CNFTS: Art & More On Cardano

What do I do with it?

Just as would be the case with art that you bought somewhere in person, the CNFT that you purchased is yours. You can print it out on paper (or whatever else), you can hang it in a digital art frame, you can keep it forever, give it away, or sell it to other buyers via CNFT marketplaces (please see links for more info).  The original layers and tracks of artwork/music may exist here with me, but once a policy locks, no more will be minted, or available. The policy ID and lock dates are important; genuine pieces will display the correct values for both. Once locked, no more of the CNFT variety which you purchased will be made.

If ever in doubt about a piece of mine which you have purchased, never hesitate to contact me on Twitter for confirmation. Happy to ensure that the piece you buy is a real one.

That said - whatever you do with them, if you've bought one - I'd like to first say thank you for supporting a small artist, and that whatever you ultimately do with yours, I hope you enjoy it.

What are CNFTS? What am I buying?

In the most basic definition, CNFTS, or Cardano Non-Fungible Tokens, are simply a type of digital token.

But unlike (for instance) a bitcoin or other currency token/coin, every CNFT is uniquely identifiable, and can't be exchanged like-for-like; multiple copies can be created ("minted") until their policy is locked, but even so, each copy created in a set will have it's own unique and unalterable ID.   In it's simplest form, and the context of works of art, it can be thought of as owning a copy of a limited-edition digital print.

NFTS can be used as they are here on my site - as unique instances of digital art or music on the blockchain - but since they also can hold additional information, they can be used for blockchain-based game ownership of (for instance) properties, or stand as a tamper-proof record of purchases, credentials, or ownership of assets in the "real world".  The future use-cases of NFTS/CNFTS are still in a process of discovery, even now.