Fractals From the Vault: Art Before Cardano

The "Vault" series of fractals are old works that I hope to preserve on the blockchain, as a marriage of math and art, they seemed appropriate, and their age being both pre-Cardano and Ethereum made them something of

a novelty to mint.  They represent some of my favourites that have survived several PC rebuilds and replaced hard drives! The first four are live now, but more will be coming in the weeks ahead.

All works in this collection are from 2009-2013,  and are either all-fractal or fractal/image mixed media.  I typically used Incendia or Mandelbulb 3D (various versions).  On-chain sizes vary, but  the smallest starts at 1500x1500 pixels and go up from there.  Fractals became something of a hobby of mine for awhile; they are both relaxing and fascinating to make, and I encourage you to try making them!

Fractal on Cardano
thats going to hurt THUMB.png

Minted: 25 of each.
Availabilty: click images to confirm.
Price: 25 $ADA
Policy Locks: Varies depending on release date (between May-Dec 2022). 

Available via ACOL stakepool auto-mint.


Click on a thumbnail to open the sale page in a new window.


Your purchase of a fractal also helps to support ACOL in their mission to assist beekeepers and related associations
dedicated to the health and preservation of one of the world's most important natural resources.  According to the United Nations Environment Programme, of the 100 crop varieties that provide 90% of the world's food, 71 are pollinated by bees.

If buying these from any other location,

remember to check policy ID for authenticity! Contact me if in doubt.

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