Cardano SPOS



Committed to decentralisation, the pools listed below pledge to only operate one pool. 


All are active and supportive members of the #Cardanocommunity.  Note: I do not stake with all of them, and deliberately do not specify which are my own choices. They are shown here because I've come to know these operators personally on Twitter and accordingly, feel comfortable recommending them to anyone who might stop by this page.


Each in their own way have contributed greatly to the community - be it through their development skills, their charitable causes, or simply being the kind of SPO that represents the spirit of Cardano  - that of a more equitable world, respect for quality, community, and each other.

It's small world, after all.


Click to read more about each pool, mission, and operator; there is truly a pool for every location, interest and cause.  Stay off the exchanges, and support decentralisation of the network.