Heroes, Re-imagined 1: "Ada, The Enduring"

My "Heroes" series is dedicated to historical icons of art and science, but through a slightly fantastical lens: "RPG characters, but painted centuries ago".   The portraits are painted at 5000x7000 pixels on iPad mini, and afterwards, a frame and nameplate are added in Gimp.

"The Enchantress of Numbers" was my first completed work in many years, and first of this series.

Ada Lovelace was tenacious and imaginative; she envisioned a future when computers could make music, something that hits home for me personally.  She was the natural choice to paint in commemoration of the launch of smart contracts, and I'm grateful that the original (non-rare) version of this piece was featured at the 2021 Virtual Summit Community Presentation as well as being a 1st prize giveaway at the Buenos Aires live event.



For the 3-mint 2022 Rares, which have their own policy ID, please click here.


Rares Minted: 5 variations,

only one of each were created.
Each rare has it's own "damask" wallpaper behind the frame to complement the banner.

"Hydra-Black Flag": Black banner with

crimson glowing Cardano logo,

surrounded by coral snakes. SOLD.

"The World":  World map banner

with faintly pearlescent Cardano

logo. SOLD.

"Cardano Chip Cookie": Created

as a gift to ENACT stakepool,

with kind permission from Hungry Naru/Yummi Universe. Banner

features Naru painted to appear "hand-stitched" and eating a cookie. GIFTED.

"Decentralised" - A tribute to the

SPOS, the circulatory system of

the network.  Blue banner with glowing Cardano logos and tiny "node" circuit boards. SOLD.

"Italy" - Created as gift for an OG

community friend, and operator

of EASY1 stakepool in honour

of the country of his birth and as a thank-you for his vocal support of women in blockchain. GIFTED.

If seeking out these variations on the marketplace, please:

Remember to check policy ID to confirm authenticity! Contact me

if ever in doubt.

Policy Locks: 8th Nov., 2021

No further will be minted. Non-Rares may still be available.

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