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Digital Painter/Musician On The Cardano Blockchain


Art can be found everywhere, every day.   It can exist for its own sake.​

It's not just a "something".  It also happens during the inspiration, the creation, the experience of both the artist, and for those experiencing the art.  It might be a painting, a song, or an elegantly written program, or a dish so perfect that diner, chef, and server all celebrate the experience. 
Art does not, however, need an audience, because it happens between you and the universe; anything more is a bonus.​

Like too many of us, I lived much of my life doing what I knew wasn't meant to do. Grateful now for the opportunity, I'm trying to change that while I still can - to create, compose, and improve - because life is too short to live like a ghost inside your own skin.

​This website is a work in progress - I will be including a Cardano SPO directory, art friends, resources and other tools - all coming soon.   Thank you for stopping by.